Vale – Gordon Busby


09/11/24 – 30/10/17

FOREVER immortalised as a life member of the Victorian Basketball Referee Association (now TOC), Busby’s impact on Victorian refereeing was distinctively important.

Busby began refereeing at the Exhibition in 1950 along with local areas, then went to the show-grounds for the championship games prior to Albert Park. Busby joined the VBRA committee and became its Vice President in the 1960s.

No matter the level he officiated at, Busby was the paragon of respect on court as he represented Victoria in interstate games in Hobart, Adelaide, Devonport, Toowoomba and all throughout the country areas.

He considered himself fortunate enough to referee with fellow Victorian refereeing legend Henry Perazzo on interstate games, who taught him plenty and helped spur his passion for improving not only his own refereeing, but that of all referees that he worked alongside.

Once he retired from refereeing, Busby became a referee coach at Coburg and continued to give back to the sport he loved all throughout his life.

Busby was elevated to VBRA life membership in 1968.

From all of us at Basketball Victoria and the Technical Officials Commission, we would like to extend our greatest sympathies to his family and friends in this difficult time.

Our referees and our sport as a whole throughout Victoria have been bettered by important efforts.

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THE Victorian refereeing community is in mourning following the passing of Gordon Busby this week.

The post Vale – Gordon Busby appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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