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This policy has been created to provide the competition members and staff with clarity and guidance as to financial and competition implications of a walkover. 


A walkover is deemed as a notified walkover or a non-notified walkover. 

Notified walkover:  This must be a minimum of 6 hours prior to the game. Where players from either team still wish to attend MSAC despite being notified of a walkover, they must pay a casual shooting entry fee.

Non-notified walkover:  This occurs when the team notifies the Association of their absence with less than 6 hours prior to the game or fails to attend with no notice. All players from both teams may choose to stay free of charge using the court(note this does not apply to scratch matches), and receive a full refund at the time the game is declared a walkover. The team who caused the walkover will be charged a walkover fee.


When a scratch match occurs between both teams, that is officiated by association officials no refunds will be given.

No refunds will be give for players who are disqualified or walk out during a game.


Once the fixture for the new season has been published online team registration and bonds can not be refunded.


Once a player accepts the purchase of a customised uniform, this uniform cannot be refunded.

PlayHQ Payments will be refunded minus the PlayHQ 3.49% processing fee, this fee is paid directly to PlayHQ at the time of the transaction.

Square payments using EFTPOS outside of 30 days will be refunded minus the square 1.6% processing fee, this fee is paid to square at the time of the transaction.

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