Types of Ballers (in Tik Toks)

We’ve got 10 types of the most common ballers you know from the court. Even better, we’ve got the Tik Toks that sum them up as players…


  1. The Hype Duo

The yin to their yang, the Curry to their Thompson and the hype to the team. Every squad has this duo who bring even more energy off the court than on it.

You have to admit though, they’re the two who get you pumped for every game and inject the needed get-up-and-go hype to trainings.

(Oh, and they definitely know how to bust a move!)


When your dad is your hype man 🔥w/ @strawhatdan8

♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

  1. The 3 Shooter

They’re your go-to player when you’re down by two points with seconds left in the game. No matter the pressure it’s their spot and they never miss.


The Real Splash Brothers #3pointshooter #foryou via( ig: brotherswhoball_valentinoluca)

♬ original sound – barstoolsports

  1. The Impresser

We all know a teammate who can turn on the charm of their play just like that. They’re the one of who rocks up to training early to perform the shots they worked on for the last week the coach.

They light up the room and the court when they see a certain person enter the room, whether that be their coach, comrade or crush.


Tell me this isn’t true?! #foryourpage #foryou #fyp #basketball #coach #dunk #wholesomemoments

♬ Ransom……with a twist – clöröx

  1. The Motivational Speaker

This player spends their weekends watching Coach Carter, Braveheart, Remember the Titians and any other movie with a jaw-dropping speech. This is them doing their homework.

They pick you up when you want to fall and cheer you on from the opposite end of the court.


Work, work, work! 🙌#motivation #basketball #nba #sports #foryou (via @wealth)

♬ original sound – wealth

  1. The Rejector

This baller is an absolute boss. They know they have skill (and most likely height). Their gym workout probably includes a lot of plyometrics and jumps to elevate their rejections.

(We all know our Rejectors probably love to be right all the time too.)


No easy buckets, pal… #basketball #nba #houseofhighlights #hoops #sergeibaka #raptors #swat #family #father #rejection #notinmyhouse #isolation

♬ Nobody But Me – The Human Beinz and The Mammals

  1. The ‘I never miss’ One

You wish you knew their secrets. They could be blindfolded, on one foot, balancing on a spoon and still manage to make the shot!

(Let’s be honest, they probably just practice a lot.)


Wait for it #fyp #foryourpage #nbamoments @austinshelley

♬ Yes Indeed – Gypsy Woman Mix – Freddo

  1. The Late One

At this point you and your team have just assumed this baller lives on a different time zone. Nonetheless, when they turn up to trainings and game day, they carry swagger with them and act like nothing happened.


Zero llama drama (via Laurie E) #llama #llamacrew #bounce #animal #pet

♬ Hypnotize – Instrumental; 2014 Remaster – The Notorious B.I.G.

  1. The One with the Crew

You know that cheer squad that comes to every game? They have signs, pom poms and coordinate their outfits to the team colours? Yeah, these belong to the baller with the crew.

When this player steps on the court – their crew cheers. When this competitor takes a layup – their crew cheers. When this baller takes a sip of water – their crew cheers.


The infamous traffic light, what are the odds 🚦#whenthestrobehits #foryourpage #baydreams2020 #fryp #newtrend #dukedumont #redlightgreenlight

♬ original sound – sam.ohara

  1. The ‘where’s the foul?’ One

You can hear this baller on the court most likely when their calling for the referee…


Living on a budget #reverse #newcamera #scream #camera #reversecamerachallenge #scream #funny #idiot #dead #challenge #beep #beepchallenge

♬ original sound – z_n_t

  1. The ‘ball is life’ One

You know those ballers whose first baby picture had a basketball in it? These ballers know basketball as their life. They live it, love it and breathe it.

(Aren’t we all this baller though?)


#fyp #foryoupage #foryou #basketball #quarantine #quarantinelife @ri.dog #bball #ballin

♬ original sound – rjcasey4

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You know them. You play with them. You’re probably even one of them.

The post Types of Ballers (in Tik Toks) appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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