Tuesday & Wednesday fixtures are available for the first three rounds.

Click here to view fixtures.

2023/24 Summer Season Calendar – pdf


Teams have had to be moved up and down based on the whole league, with fewer entries of higher grade teams bigger groups of lower-mid grades had to move up.

Wednesday night has had significant movement with up to 4 teams being moved up each division across all men’s competitions.

Combined competitions will be split for finals, with teams finishing 1st-4th playing in one set of finals and teams finished 5th-8th playing in another set of finals.
The association may also considering splitting these competitions during the season if it is in the best interest of the competition.

Paying weekly game fee with Teammo

Teams may pay on game night at the front door with a card, or online with Teammo. Those who chose to pay with Teammo are able to split the team sheet payment between those who played on the night. 

Existing teams using Teammo will need to change their settings to the current season.

To sign up to teammo click here – https://teammo.com.au/msd-spartans

Player Registrations
All players, including the team organiser must register to every competition season they wish to participate in as a ‘Player’.

The BV Licence payment allows any participant to play as many times, in as many teams as they want, wherever they want across Victoria in a 365 day period for the one fee.

We strongly encourage people to register by 5pm on game day so they can easily be added to the tablets and not miss out on any game time. 

Click here for player registration links.

If your registration expires before the end of the season in April, you will be required to extend your registration.

Fill in players will need to register court-side on the scoring tablets – Casual Player Pass / Fill-in can play 2 games max. per year. Players must be fully registered by their 3rd game within a 12 month period.


Teams need to arrange their own uniforms, our website has an online store for basic singlets.

Click here to purchase uniforms and basketballs.

Each player must have a Singlet with a legal number. Singlets must be of the same basic colour.

Each player must wear basketball shorts of a uniform colour. Bike shorts, Board shorts, Tracksuit pants or shorts with pockets, buttons, belts or buckles are not allowed.

Uniform Penalties
As of round 4, incorrect uniform penalties apply. Teams with players without correct uniform(shorts and singlet) will be penalised, 5 points per player will be awarded to the opposition. Penalties will be applied by the referee at half time of the game.

New Uniforms
Teams who show proof of purchase to association staff prior to the game of a new set uniforms will be given an extension beyond round 3 in which their uniform may be incorrect. This does not apply to shorts with pockets.

Uniform Hire

Uniform Hire will be available for singlets and uniform clashes only. Shorts will be available for purchase.

Hire Singlet – $3

Clash uniforms – free

Purchase Black Shorts – $15

Purchase Singlets – $35

Finals Qualification

A player must qualify for finals by taking the court, or receive a walkover, in a minimum of 5 games during the season for the team they are currently registered to and must be marked off on the scoresheet/tablet.

Note – Players registered as a ‘Fill in’ will not get games credited.

Walkovers – must go through teammo click here

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