Top 10 Defender Replacements at Home

While we’re stuck at home it’s all too easy to focus on your shooting and forget all the other key elements to perfecting your basketball game – including your offensive capabilities.

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It might be hard to practice without that real-life pressure, but it’s not impossible. We’re here to tell you how, and with what, you can replace a defender with at home!


1. Chair

Every single household surely has a chair, stool or even deck chair for camping. Don’t just use these to sit, use them to get fit!

Think of the chair as a player you have to pass using offensive strategy. Even better, have some fun and work on bouncing the ball through the chairs legs and receiving the ball for a layup.

2. Broom Stick

Use it to mimic the height of a defender in terms of your shooting game too! In the same way you might use a shot contester tool, get a family member to hold the broom in the air as you go for shots – forcing you to ace your shots no matter the height of your opponent in the future!

Tip: Great to perfect your fadeaway.

3. Wheelie Bin

Robust, sturdy and stable – a good build to practice getting around.

Practice your behind the back dribble or spin moves. Focus on your combining your agility and ball control while taking on an opponent (even if it’s a bit trash… pun intended).

4. Lamp Post

A lamp post is a great fixed structure to run circles around, as if you were running circles around a defender. Practice your mock hesitation and game strategy for confusing this pretend defender.

Tip: Lamp posts aren’t the brightest defenders during the day so you might just be able to trick it and light up the driveway.

5. Dog

Who’s better to practice against than the one in your house who is always on your tail!

You can bet this defender can get a bit ruff at times, but they’re the best person to exercise your crossovers and in and outs. Lead them one way and then go the other.

6. Clothesline

This alternate defender is similar to that of the lamp post. The pole that is used to support the clothesline is a great obstacle to practice getting passed. If it’s a tall pole, even better! Practice shooting over it like you would an actual defender.

Tip: Use the clothes hanging from the clothesline to work on your coordination and quick reflexes. Dodge the clothes as you would an opponent!

7. Tree

If you think about it, a tree has similar features to the body of a person. The roots in the ground like the feet, the trunk resembling the body and the branches similar to arms.

Use these similarities to create your own defender out of a tree!

Tip: Practice against this defender in the wind to increase the challenge of avoiding its branches.

8. Vacuum Cleaner

Another tall tool that can be used for you to practice getting your shots over. Works the same as a broom stick, with the added bonus of generally being adjustable in height depending which vacuum head you have attached.

9. Family

It is almost a given the people in your house are as bored of isolation as you are. Use this to your advantage and wrangle them into helping up your basketball game!

Even if they aren’t the most athletic, get them to stand there and distract you.

10 Imaginary Friend

Why not use your imagination? Sometimes we come up with the best scenarios of match play in our head, so there’s no reason we can’t use this to our advantage.

Pretend you’re coming up against your ultimate basketball idol, or bring your imaginary friend named Otis in and have fun while you practice!

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Just because you don’t have a teammate to practice against, doesn’t mean you can’t work on your skills against a defender by yourself…

The post Top 10 Defender Replacements at Home appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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