We are noticing week to week that players are wearing shorts with pockets, not all team members are in the same colour shorts/singlets. Singlets are also missing numbers on the front, back or are unreadable.

While we have relaxed our bylaws when we returned after the bread due to COVID we will now apply our competition bylaws, teams will incur a 5 points penatly per incorrect uniform as of Tuesday June 15 and Wednesday June 16, 2021.

Each player must have a Singlet with a legal number 0, 00. 1-99.
Singlets must be of the same basic colour.

Each player must wear basketball shorts of the same basic colour.
Bike shorts, Board shorts, Tracksuit pants or shorts with pockets, buttons, belts or buckles are not allowed.

Compression Short Sleeves and T-Shirts of the same dominant colour as the playing singlet or black may be worn. Compression Stockings of the same dominant colour as the shorts, black or beige may be worn. Any undergarments with loose long sleeves may not be worn.

Teams who have a colour clash my borrow singlets from the office free of charge.
Fill in players may hire shorts or singlets for $3 an item, however this is only a short term solution to help people start playing.


If you are in need of new uniforms we suggest the following options.



IRON ON NUMBERS FOR SINGLETS – they have two sizes so bigger for back and smaller for front

Otherwise you can order uniforms form our website or from Coast to Coast

Penalty points will be added to your oppositons score by the referees or by any Spartan staff member, so please check before you take the court and come and see us in the office if you need to hire a uniform.