National Volunteer Week

We all lead busy lives, but we see over the course of generations there always remains that driving force to give back to basketball. The pure energy associated with parents, players, friends and family to make sure our game thrives.

Their efforts serve the greater good and this is the essence of basketball boiled down to its most loyal denizens. Everyone unites to keep the game alive. Associations, clubs and teams stretch the dollar as far as they can to get the game going and to make sure the game continues to shine.

We’re cheering for those people who don’t make the big shots on the court. Congratulating those who may never win a championship.

There is no incentive in it for these people beyond the joy they receive from seeing the next generation coming through. That in of itself can only exist because of pure passion and commitment to the joy of those players rising up.

It’s not monetary; the value is the experience. You get to see your children thrive in a well-run environment, push themselves under the tutelage of experienced coaches and then when their time is up on court… they become the next generation of volunteers.

It’s an amazing closed-loop that we don’t stop to celebrate enough. But occasions like this are the perfect moment to tell Victoria’s vast amount of basketball volunteers that you are the game. A house is only as strong as the frame holding it together.

Basketball Victoria, Basketball Victoria Country and the Melbourne Utd. Victorian Junior Basketball League want to take this week to celebrate those people who often prefer manning the spotlight than standing in it.


The post National Volunteer Week appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

NATIONAL Volunteer Week is the perfect time to reflect on the amazing people who enable our on-court stars to shine.

The post National Volunteer Week appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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