Melbourne Boomers sign Indyanna for WNBL Purple Day

Melbourne’s number 0 now belongs to nine-year-old Indyanna, who earned her spot on the WNBL roster through her amazing determination and never-give-up spirit.

The youngest player in WNBL history, Indyanna has previously represented her basketball club proudly at Bellarine, but is in the midst of her biggest challenge of her life.

She’s currently battling a bone marrow disorder, but is improving every day thanks to a special life-saving donation of a bone marrow transplant by her sister Madison.

Thanks to the Boomers and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision (MRV), she’ll get the chance to line-up for Melbourne in its big clash next weekend.

Indyanna Harper

Indyanna Harper is set to make her mark for the Melbourne Boomers when she lines up in the WNBL Purple Day on 18 November.

Indyanna will take the court on 18 November as part of the WNBL’s inaugural Purple Day, where her beloved Boomers will square off against the University of Canberra Capitals.

Melbourne Boomers head coach Guy Molloy thought his latest Baby Boomer had plenty of potential and was proud to welcome her onto the team for the special occasion.

“I thought Monique (Conti) might be the youngest we’d sign but we’ve gone one better,” Molloy said. “Indyanna was out there watching our plays and training – and we’ve got a couple of new plays for her.

“What an amazing thing and we’re really proud of our partnership with Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision and it’s a wonderful way for us to be part of an important life-changing project.

“We’re the most fortunate people because we get to be involved in sport and some of those things show us the perspective around society and some of the struggles and challenges that other people have.

“It shows we’ve got it pretty easy and other people have it tough and what an inspiring story.”

Melbourne Boomers star Jenna O’Hea was impressed with her newest team mate and couldn’t wait to take the court alongside her for the Purple Day clash.

“I just saw her shooting outside there and she looks like she’s good to go,” O’Hea said. “We welcome her with open arms – we’re a big family here and we can’t wait to have her as part of the team.”

Melbourne Boomers have asked their fans to wear purple to support MRV and to use the #FightLikeMaddie hashtag across the weekend.

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MELBOURNE Boomers have made a late marquee signing with Indyanna Harper joining the WNBL team.

The post Melbourne Boomers sign Indyanna for WNBL Purple Day appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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