Mark Hubbard joins Basketball Victoria

Hubbard joins Basketball Victoria with an impeccable basketball administration and management resume – having served as Basketball South Australia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the past 11 years.

He will serve in an executive role alongside Wayne Bird in an expanded Facilities Development and Government Relations department and it will continue our strong work in providing cutting-edge sporting infrastructure and delivering renovations and redevelopments to existing stadia.

With a strong track-record in delivering facilities management and facilities creation, Hubbard said he was keen to start and help push Victorian basketball’s sporting infrastructure to new heights.

“It’s so important that we continue to improve the quality of our facilities to deliver the best experience for our members and to continue to build and access more courts for our sport to grow,” Hubbard said. “I’m excited to be in a dedicated role to work with the Victorian basketball community, stakeholders and partners to drive continuous improvement in our sports infrastructure.”

Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said Hubbard’s experience and extensive working knowledge with basketball administration made him a natural fit for the organisation.

“Mark Hubbard had a choice of applicable organisations, so we’re pleased to have him join Basketball Victoria,” Honey said. “Mark gives Basketball Victoria another elite basketball executive to help us fulfil our mandate of being a market leader and best practice performer across all levels of governance and operations.

“We look forward to seeing him commence his role in upcoming weeks.”

Hubbard’s experience in this area will allow Basketball Victoria to further achieve the objectives of its 2017-2020 Basketball Victoria Strategic Plan.

Our organisation remains committed to ensuring each basketball player has a place to play and ensuring new basketball facilities and upgrades to existing facilities are front-of-mind whenever local state and federal funding is allocated.

The post Mark Hubbard joins Basketball Victoria appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

BASKETBALL Victoria is pleased to announce the recruitment of basketball executive Mark Hubbard to our Facilities Development and Government Relations department.

The post Mark Hubbard joins Basketball Victoria appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

Basketball Victoria

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