Claus brings years of statistician experience to the FIBA World Cup, held in China from August 31 – September 15.

“I am very excited to be offered this opportunity by FIBA and I am proud of the fact that we have some of the best statisticians in the world in Australia,” said Claus.

“The exceptional standard of our technical officials is reflected in the fact that FIBA has asked me to be part of the panel to review the World Cup games in China.”

After being appointed the Lead Stats Instructor by FIBA Oceania in 2015, Claus helped create the FIBA Stats Project which aimed to create clarity and consistency in how stats are captured internationally.

In addition, that meeting conceived the FIBA Stats Licence which is now a prerequisite for any statistician to earn before working on an international game.

Since then, Claus has worked in Australia and New Zealand to ensure statisticians are licensed while bringing the standard to match the rest of the world when capturing stats.

In Claus’ role as FIBA Oceania Lead Statistician, Claus has had the opportunity to review Eurobasket and World Cup qualifier games which she did remotely by tracking the play-by-play with games tapes and then making any necessary edits to ensure consistent interpretation.

The FIBA World Cup will provide a new challenge though, with games set to be analysed in real-time.

“This will certainly be a task to complete the reviews in real-time but we are endeavouring to give immediate feedback to the panel of statisticians working each game,” said Claus.

‘The ability to provide instant responses will greatly help their education.”

Find out more about the role of statisticians, the scoretable and other technical officials that help to make every game of basketball run here.

In addition to the Australian Boomers and referees Scott Beker and James Boyer, Australia will be further represented at the 2019 FIBA World Cup by Lauretta Claus who will be a part of the panel that reviews games during the tournament.

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