Karen Pearce to depart Basketball Victoria

Karen has worked tirelessly throughout the organisation in a number of roles, most recently as the General Manager of Inclusion and Strategy.

An advocate for inclusion across our sport, Karen has been committed to giving better access to our sport for all Victorians – especially women and girls, players from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and multicultural communities and people with disability. She pioneered a number of initiatives within Basketball Victoria, including Walking Basketball, the Courage and Confidence program and creating new opportunities for Victorian wheelchair basketball players after Basketball Victoria took on state-wide management of the game.

Her work has seen Basketball Victoria lead the way in a number of key areas and continuously evolve throughout the years and maintain our desire to provide every Victorian with a pathway into basketball.

Karen was awarded the Victorian Sports Administrator of the Year in 2018 and was a finalist for the Peter Norman Inclusion Award, highlighting her exceptional work leading our inclusion programs throughout Victoria.

“I was asked by Basketball Victoria nearly 20 years ago to fill a current vacant position whilst they restructured the organization and the rest will soon be history,” Pearce said. “Over the years, I have worked extremely hard to ensure the business was always in the best possible place to evolve, grow and achieve.

“I have been blessed with many incredible team members all of whom remain friends and in their own rights have left and blossomed in their alternative careers and I thank all of them for being such a pivotal part of my life.

“I have led, witnessed and been involved in many changes within basketball and the greater sporting arena and have been proud to see how far I could challenge and drive basketball under my leadership to be the best it could possibly be.

“Those who know me, understand my passion, drive and commitment has always been inclusion and diversity and one very proud moment was being named the Exemplar sport by VicHealth for our work in disability.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey at BV and whilst I am extremely excited to be joining Football Victoria, I am feeling quite emotional that this part of my career is coming to an end.

“I have forged some amazing friendships with many internal and external stakeholders, but it is now time for the next generation to take basketball to another level and put their mark on such a wonderful sport.

“Thank you for all being so open to the endless possibilities my team and I threw your way, as this has been the legacy I can proudly leave behind.”

Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said Karen’s work throughout her time at Basketball Victoria was to be commended as she’s driven key projects and achieved brilliant results for the organisation’s strategy and inclusion.

“Karen Pearce has been the driving force for strategy and inclusion programs for Basketball Victoria,” Honey said. “Her leadership and commitment to her work is to be applauded and I’m sure all of us have fun and cherished memories of working with her over the years.

“The last 12 months have been extremely high profile for Karen as she’s received a scholarship to the Women in Leadership program at the Melbourne Business School, being nominated for the Peter Norman Inclusion Award and winning the Vicsport’s 2018 Victorian Sports Administrator of the Year.

“She’s been an extraordinary leader and mentor in her time at Basketball Victoria and we’re extremely proud of her and her phenomenal achievements.

“On behalf of Basketball Victoria, I’d like to thank Karen for her extensive work and support of Victorian basketball and wish her the best of luck in her new role with Football Victoria.”

Karen has accepted a position with Football Victoria to lead the organisation’s women and girl’s strategy.

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AN INCREDIBLE presence in Victorian basketball for the last 19 years, Basketball Victoria’s longest-serving employee Karen Pearce has tendered her resignation.

The post Karen Pearce to depart Basketball Victoria appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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