Below are decisions MSD Spartans have made in relation to Summer Season 2019/20 and the upcoming 2020 Winter season.

In needing to be compliant with the current State of Emergency and suspension of competitions by Basketball Victoria, MSD Spartans has determined the following:

  1. The Summer 2019/20 Season has been deemed to have concluded. Despite no semi finals or grand finals being played, we want players to feel a sense of conclusion to their season. While not a perfect solution, we will officially deem that the top two teams from the Home & Away ladder are the Premiers and Runners Up respectively, we will communicate further to acknowledge these winners upon our return.
  2. At this stage we are planning for the Winter 2020 season to take place, subject to the lifting of suspensions of play by Basketball Victoria. Basketball Victoria has said no basketball will be played until at least ‪April 17.‬
  3. We are planning for the Winter season to commence ‪on April 21, with 20 regular season rounds and a 2 round elimination finals series.
  4. If any Teams have yet to register we encourage you to do so ASAP for the Winter season, so that you don’t miss out when we get the competition up and running once the suspension is lifted. Team registrations will close April 10. Allowing sufficient time to generate and communicate a fixture.
  5. Should Basketball Victoria extend its suspension, or the State Government extend the state of emergency, then MSD Spartans will review this and alter the current plan as necessary.
  6. We appreciate the number of individuals who have registered on PlayHQ, Basketball Victoria will be advising soon on how they will manage the registration period of 12 months given it will affect those already registered. We suggest individual players who are yet to register hold off until 1 week prior to the start of the season.
  7. The Association is very determined that we resume competition as soon as there is a safe opportunity to do so.

The current situation with regard to COVID-19 is extremely dynamic, and unprecedented. We ask for your understanding, for your patience, and for your support as we navigate these uncharted waters. Our next scheduled update will be on April 4.

We hope that you will share our ambition to see our competitions recommence as soon and safe as possible once we are able.