This last fortnight has been difficult throughout the community. COVID-19 may have forced the suspension of Victorian sporting competitions, but it can never silence the voices of every basketball athlete with a desire to reach their highest potential.

Basketball Victoria sees it as our duty to ensure Victorian basketballers can build their skills and sporting mindsets from wherever they are during this lockdown period.

Each week we will suggest digital tools for parents, players and coaches to access, discover and share with their own basketball community.


To start our #HoopsAtHome Tools, we introduce – HomeCourt.

The HomeCourt App is a fast and fun way for anyone to develop core basketball skills, from beginner to pro.

HomeCourt uses your iPhone or iPad to capture and analyse your basketball – from your shots, to your dribbling, to your movements.

Integrating NBA-backed instruction with engaging, guided workouts, you’ll learn new skills in a way that feels less like training and more like a video game. HomeCourt captures all your activity and provides a complete picture of how you’re improving over time.

Skills Ratings and Achievements PERSONALISE this tool to the athlete by tracking vital skill traits such as ball handling, shooting success and agility. HomeCourt also acts a SOCIAL TOOL to share your profile or challenges with friends, your team or your coaches. You could even try to beat legend Sue Bird.



LEARN FROM THE BIG NAMES of the NBA with the likes of former NBA MVP Steve Nash, and try and keep up with Trae Young in the ‘Ice Trae Challenge’ by making as many step-back three pointers as you can in 60 seconds.

Don’t have a net? No worries! Follow ball handling drills with HomeCourt’s tutorials or compete in ‘Killer Crossover’, a global challenge that sees players score points by hitting virtual targets with your-off hand while dribbling.


Challenge Matthew Dellavedova with HomeCourt!


To help basketball athletes and communities stay safe, active and healthy at this time, HomeCourt is unlocking all features for free through until the end of April.

Keep working out at home, share your workouts, challenge your friends, and tag your favourite pro players to keep the game going strong.

HomeCourt is also providing coaches, PE teachers, trainers, teams, and parents access to programming and digital instructional tools that they can use to provide their players with remote physical education.

DOWNLOAD the HomeCourt App now and stay active, stay ready and stay relevant. 


The post appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

Holidays have come early, and for many of us this means we must stay inside, in our homes and off the court. Basketball never stops though. With #HoopsAtHome Tools you won’t have to either.

The post appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

Amellia Wood

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