Top 10 Ways to Wear Your Jersey

Just because you might not be playing on the court at the moment, it doesn’t mean you still can’t whip out your basketball jerseys and add them into your weekly fashion.

In the lead up to Basketball Victoria’s Wear Your Colours Day this Saturday, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to get into the spirit and rep your basketball gear!


1. Over your hoodie

Perhaps the easiest way to combine quarantine comfort with street style fashion! More than likely trackies and a hoodie are probably your go-to already, so why not add your jersey in the mix and show the sport we’re all missing some love!

Plus, we all know how Victorian weather can be. It never hurts to add more layers heading into winter.

Tip: Make the supermarket run more of an event by adding your team jersey to your look!


2. On your run

Whether it’s your NBA, NBL, club or school jersey, chuck it on during your outdoor exercise. You wear a jersey to tell others a part of who you are without actually having to say a word at all.

Why not show your neighbours your team? Who knows, you may even spot someone else in your area showing off the same colours!


3. Replace as PJ’s

Take that day look to a night look! Carry the jersey look to bed and spend the night having some sweet, sweet basketball dreams.

Maybe your dreams will see you become best friends with Trae Young or even allow you to shoot that game winning shock on the buzzer.

Tip: Please make sure to wash your jersey if you are wearing day and night


4. Back to Front

Why not experiment with the way of your jersey, literally! Wear it back to front and showcase the number and last name on your chest. We know it might sound a bit wacky, but while you’re at home why not try it?


5. On TikTok


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Have you been scrolling through your TikTok feed recently and seen someone doing a dance in their basketball jersey… and then liked it just for the fact you respect their jersey choice?

TikTok is the best platform to show your team and association jerseys off to the world while having some fun learning dances or doing some trick shots in your backyard!

Tip: Remember to tag Basketball Victoria and use #HoopsAtHome to be featured on our social media channels


6. Train like you play

We’ve all heard our coaches tell us this before… and we all know it’s true. We might not have access to the stadiums to train yet, but no doubt we’ve all been shooting some hoops or practicing drills from home.

To keep that competitive mindset, wear your basketball uniform when you train. It will boost your intensity and keep you mentally connected with your team.


7. To your Zoom Meeting

Whip out your jersey in a Zoom Meeting! It’ll be the perfect way to spice up a work call or school session.

Simply add a blazer or wear a collared shirt underneath to take your jersey from ‘off the clock’ to ‘strictly business’.


8. Chores around the house

Now trust us, we aren’t suggesting you wear your most prized jersey while washing the car, taking out the bins or doing the yard. HOWEVER, if you do have a rival’s jersey lying around then do you really mind if it gets some wear and tear?

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the ‘borrowing’ of siblings’ jerseys or any destruction that may result

9. To watch the Last Dance

Honestly… do we even need to explain…

10. On Basketball Victoria’s Wear Your Colours Day

YES! We are even giving you an excuse to wear your basketball jersey and colours just because we all love basketball!

Saturday 16th May we want everyone to chuck on their basketball gear as we usually would on the weekend to play games. Coaches grab your shirts and refs reach for your whistles to get involved too! Next Saturday will be a chance for us to feel connected to our sporting passion while we stay at home.

We also want to see you in your gear! Send us a picture or video next Saturday of you, your family and your friends dressed head to toe in basketball gear and you may even feature on our social media and website!

Tip: Inbox messages are best sent to our Instagram and Facebook pages. Also tag us in all of your posts and use #BVWearYourColours

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The basketball jersey… it’s a symbol of pride, unity, personality and, let’s be honest, just looking pretty fly!

The post Top 10 Ways to Wear Your Jersey appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

Amellia Wood

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