Top 10 Household Items to Replace a Basketball Hoop

By now isolation has started to sink in… literally. Without access to stadiums and courts at the moment, basketballers have taken to their backyard set ups to swish their three-pointers and reach for their rebounds.


But what if you don’t have a basketball ring outside? Well, don’t you worry! You can find one with things you have lying around the house and we’re going to tell you how.

1. Washing Basket

It’s one of the classic make-do hoops, but it’s a classic for a reason! It’s the perfect way to help the family out with the washing while practicing those precision shooting techniques.

Tip: Sit it on the table for some height, take it outside to shoot with distance or even ask someone at home to hold it and move to really test you.

2. Plant Pot

Have an empty plant pot sitting outside? Hold off on filling it with soil and instead fill it with the basketball. The target of the pot rim will mimic that of a basketball rim, giving you an area to aim for and practice with. It will also be heavy enough to not get knocked over if you miss.

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any broken terracotta pots.

3. Plastic Tub

No doubt we all have storage containers or plastic tubs sitting around the house. This is the perfect time to whip them out! Whatever is in them, take them out. These are the most convenient and mobile at-home hoop replacements.

4. Deck Chair

We might not be able to get the deck chairs out for group BBQ’s at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a use. The way these chairs are made means the fabric seat caves in, making it a great tool for shooting. It will catch the ball as you practice your accuracy.

Tip: If you want to get fancy and work on some precision aim, use the drink holders to try shooting in a tennis ball.

5. Family Member

Why not use someone you’re isolating with? Get them to hold their arms out and create a circle. Might be a more creative hoop replacement but, trust us, it still works. They can hold their arms out in front of them or in the air above their head for you to shoot through.

Tip: Just be careful not to miss! 

6. Empty box

What better way to recycle a box than to get some practice out of it? This hoop replacement works similar to the washing basketball and plastic tub – mobile, practical and you can even decorate this one to make it a bit more fun!

Tip: Open the bottom of the box to give it more of a hoop feel.

7. Top load washing machine

Now this one is definitely a check with an adult but works just as well as anything else on this list. Even if you’re not using a basketball, you can use bundled socks, a tennis ball or your clothes to swish and sink your shots.

Just be careful, spending too much time in the laundry may require you to actually do the washing!

8. Wire Coat Hanger

This old school ring replacement is one your parents and coaches might remember. All you need is a spare wire coat hanger. Undo the wrap around the hook, bend the wire out (keeping the hook) and form a circle.

Now you have a ring you take anywhere and hook onto anything around the house  – your very own DIY basketball hoop!

Tip: Make a net by using an old shopping bag and taping it onto the wire. 

9. Shopping Bag

Use the recycled shopping bags you have to hang on your door and get some shots in. Take it outside and hang it on a tree branch. Peg it on the clothesline and shoot under the sun. Get creative!

10. Wheelie Bin

Another oldy but a goody! Give your wheelie bin a good clean out and take the basketball to the street. This is a good way to play 1 v 1 with siblings or your family too!


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Left over boxes, the washing basket, and even that old coat hanger. There’s always a way to shoot some hoops!

The post Top 10 Household Items to Replace a Basketball Hoop appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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