Casey Can with their Home Workouts

Casey Basketball has created a public Facebook group for participants to post videos of themselves doing drills, workouts and skill-based tasks assigned by Casey’s knowledgeable coaching staff. The workouts are shared on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with one of their staff members or coaches going through and providing feedback and encouragement for every single video.

In addition, Casey also offers live clinics that run on weekends for their online community to receive even more coaching and support at home to boost the sense of togetherness in a time of physical distance.

While the workouts may bring people to this Facebook page, Casey Basketball’s Ashley Szalek hopes the community connection entices people to stick around and support each other.

“The main point we want to communicate with everyone is that it’s not just about pumping out workouts or content to people,” Szalek said. “We are making sure that we maintain an open line of communication with everyone, providing feedback and sharing some hard work and smiles along the way.”

Like many associations, the idea for this online learning tool came with the drastic changes to Victorian basketball after COVID-19.

Szalek said in the current climate it is important, now more than ever, for athletes and their families to keep active.

“It is imperative that every person (not just athletes) keep active in this downtime,” he says. “It would be easy for us to lounge around and watch Netflix all day, but we have to build and maintain our active lifestyles to stay healthy.

“Going into the lockdown isolation period, we needed a tool to maintain our engagement with our athletes and also give them some guidance on how they can stay fit and keep their skills sharp in this unfortunate downtime.

“We chose to create a new public Facebook group to conduct these home workouts as it opens up a new forum of discussion.”

Casey’s training tools currently target domestic and representative players aged up to 21. However, the association is working on implementing a series of online workouts aimed at an Aussie Hoops level.

“We have some other surprises in store that people should keep their eyes out for!

“We recently did a ‘jersey workout’ where participants completed the workout in their favourite jersey from any level and had to tell us why that was the jersey they chose. It was interesting to see which professional athletes the participants look up to, as well as respect for their domestic and representative clubs.”

ANY and ALL athletes can access Casey’s Facebook page to keep their skills strong with Szalek encouraging everyone to jump on and give it a look.

“You don’t have to be a Casey Basketball member – this is open to anyone who wants to get involved,” Szalek said. “We’ve already seen participants from surrounding associations and even from interstate!”

As for coaches, Casey’s coaching seminars, workshops and discussions are held privately online for internal coaches, however, the association is working on producing some more content for other coaches in the community.

Join Casey’s Facebook page today and keep your eyes out for further content to come from Casey!

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Watch it! Film it! Post it! These simple methods are how Casey Basketball Association is creating innovative ways to connect with athletes at home to fight, grind and repeat.

The post Casey Can with their Home Workouts appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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