Beat Your Best!

Fun. Challenging. Motivating.

These aren’t the words to describe the current suspension of sport, but they are the key ideas that have defined McKinnon’s solution to the Coronavirus pandemic for both players and coaches.


The Online Training Challenge is a series of weekly challenge videos for basketballers of all abilities to practice skills like ball handling, finishing, shooting, passing when space and equipment is limited.

It’s a simple but highly effective training system for any age athlete.

Pick your level, choose a challenge and get to work by practicing the skill!

You then have the option to compete to meet target scores of your own or set by McKinnon – beat it or repeat it!

One of the people behind this at home challenge was Nathan Geer, who is McKinnon’s Basketball Development Manager. For Geer, the tool is not only a method for development, but also connection.

“We have a great team of coaches at McKinnon who are always exploring and finding ways to engage our players,” Geer explained. “We had discussed this idea before, but really felt the need to push it forward based on the current scenario that everyone is going through,

“While keeping their basketball skills up is a goal of this program, it is more important that all kids stay active and engaged through this period.

“Creating new challenges for them each week provides a good opportunity for kids to get outside and get active.”

All players from beginners to representative athletes can use the Online Training Challenges. With the four-level system, you can choose the standard of challenge that best suits your ability.

According to Geer, it’s the Step Out Crossover from Level 2 that’s his go to drill from the Online Training Challenge.

“Level 2 is my favourite level, while the movements aren’t crazy complex like Level 3 and 4, it is still challenging to master those skills at full speed and create high scores.”

Try McKinnon’s free and accessible online challenge NOW!


McKinnon’s Coaches Club is a designed way to help assist coaches with coach development throughout this period during COVID-19 home-lockdown.

The objective is to recommend a coaches clinic each week and complete a review of that clinic to help identify what each coach can take into their own coaching.

McKinnon’s coach strategy aims for those involved to walk away with one new strategy, drill or teaching point that will make you a better coach.

This forum is open to everyone in the basketball community including parents, players and coaches.

When you sign up with your email you receive:

  •  Weekly Online Clinic via YouTube
  • Online Review Form
  • PDF notes of Weekly Clinic
  • Extra bonus coaching information

The post Beat Your Best! appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

ASSOCIATIONS across Victoria have had to rethink the way they train, motivate and inspire their athletes. McKinnon Basketball Association is proving you don’t need to be in the stadium to improve your game and beat your best.

The post Beat Your Best! appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

Amellia Wood

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