Announced during the XXI FIBA Congress held in Beijing yesterday, Mr Reid will commence a four-year term immediately.

The FIBA World Central Board is the sport’s top-level Governance entity. It meets biennially and supervises the practice of basketball worldwide including the development and implementation of strategies amongst the 213 national federations.

Mr Reid has attended the FIBA Congress this week in China with Basketball Australia Chairman Ned Coten and Chief Executive Officer Jerril Rechter.

Mr Reid said he was pleased to accept the new role.

“While basketball in Australia continues to grow as a mass participation sport, I’m also passionate about seeing the game flourish globally,” he said.

“Basketball has so much opportunity ahead and we are looking forward to the next four years. My role with FIBA will also have significant benefits for the sport in Australia.”

Australia is also well represented on FIBA Commissions reporting to the Central Board that Mr Reid sits on. This includes:

– Patrick Hunt, the Chair of the FIBA Technical Commission and President of the World Association of Basketball Coaches;

– Bill Mildenhall, member of the FIBA Technical Commission;

– Dr Peter Harcourt, Chair of the FIBA Medical Commission;

– Scott Derwin, member of the FIBA Ethics Panel;

– Bob Elphinston, member of the FIBA Nominations Panel;

– Ned Coten and Jan Stirling, who are both members of the FIBA Competitions Commission; and

– Jenni Screen, member of the FIBA Players Commission.

Mr Reid’s election ensures Basketball Australia continues to be well placed as an international influencer in the sport of basketball.

The Australian Boomers’ first game in the World Cup is against Canada on Sunday, September 1, which can be viewed in Australia:

Fox Sports

Kayo Sports

Basketball Australia is pleased to announce that Deputy Chairman David Reid has been appointed as one of 13 members elected to the FIBA World Central Board.

Basketball Australia

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