AUSChamps – Quarter Final Review


LT Poa celebrates her match-winning shot against Queensland. Picture: BASKETBALL VICTORIA


Defining determination, the Victoria A Women managed to find a miraculous win and snatch the victory over Queensland in incredible fashion thanks to the clutch LT Poa.

Taking their first win of the tournament in emphatic style, our Victoria A Women saved their best for last in their 71-69 win as  LT Poa  (15 points) nailed the match-winner from the corner with just two seconds left on the clock. Everyone went crazy following the shot as Victoria A managed to work their way back into the clash from 12 points adrift earlier in the quarter. But it was an incredible fight-back led by Ivana Vasiljevic (20 points) and Lara Edmanson (13 points, 10 rebounds) to start the rise before the shot heard around the stadium from LT Poa. It was an extraordinary achievement for the Victoria A Women to keep their heads up and continue to surge in spite of a tough week in Canberra.

Earlier in the day the Victoria Women were too potent for Victoria A as the likes of Chelsea D’Angelo (21 points) and Georgia Amoore (17 points) led the charge in the 81-49 victory. LT Poa (13 points) and a double-double from Lara Edmanson (11 points, 10 rebounds) were the shining lights for Victoria A.

The final round of the pool stage takes place today as Victoria A faces ACT from midday while the Victoria Women face South Australia at 8pm.

Ivor Burge Men

Jake Booth and Frazer Dawber vie for a rebound in the all-Victorian Ivor Burge Men’s clash. Picture: BASKETBALL VICTORIA


Our Victoria A Ivor Burge Men have gone through the wringer this week in Canberra. Injuries and unavailability limiting the side to just six fit players, but despite the challenges faced by the Victoria A side, it has endured. The sign of great personal strength isn’t always in the scoreboard and they’ve showcased what it means to wear the Victorian jersey with pride. The likes of Adam Horne (19 points, six rebounds) and Jake Booth (12 points, 12 rebounds) toiled in spite of the rapidly expanding score-line. Victoria took a 122-47 win, but positive signs were certainly still there for our Victoria A Men. The drive and attack on the ring from Kobe Davis, the diligent work from Jack Lew-Kee and the dogged defensive work of Tyler Bartley and Jordan Castel… they certainly have earned their place as Victorian representatives.

For the Victorian Men, the quartet of Jake De La Motte (27 points), Frazer Dawber (24 points, eight rebounds), Daniel Bell (17 points) and dunk-machine James Debetta (13 points, 13 rebounds) led the stat-sheet as the Victorians continue to impress throughout this competition.

Our Victoria Men will head into today’s semi-finals and battle Tasmania from midday while Victoria A will look to get its first win in the classification section of the tournament as they face NSW Men from 8am.

Ryan Rapp

Ryan Rapp flies for Victoria


The Victoria Under-20 Men surged through their quarter final on Friday night with an 84-64 win over ACT. It wasn’t all one-way traffic for our side, with ACT storming out of the blocks early to take the lead approaching the first break, but our men stabilised the clash and were able to take control from then on. Asserting themselves under the ring, the front-court presence of Oliver Hayes-Brown (18 points, nine rebounds), Keli Leaupepe (17 points, seven rebounds) and Josh Bannan (14 points, seven rebounds) proved important throughout the final. Sam Taulapiu (five points, five steals) and Kobe Williamson (six points, six rebounds) also chipped in some important stats to keep the Victorian juggernaut rolling. The men are undefeated heading into today’s semi-final from 6pm.

Victoria A proved gallant as usual, continuing to soldier on despite a difficult tournament here in Canberra. The side posted its first win of the tournament on Friday morning, besting the ACT 80-77 through the work of Athiaan Manyiel (21 points), Lachlan Viney (12 points) and Harry Love (11 points). Backing up for their quarter final against NSW Men, the Victoria A side held its nerve despite the scoreboard blowing out. At one stage they trailed by more than 20 points in the third term, as NSW flexed its might, but there was plenty of fight left in Victoria A. They dragged the margin back to seven by the end though, with Viney (23 points), Ryan Rapp (18 points) and Tyrone Simos-Primerano (14 points) shining despite the Victoria A’s 91-98 defeat.

Kaitlyn Papworth

Kaitlyn Papworth has been a shining light for Ivor Burge Women throughout this tournament. Picture: BASKETBALL VICTORIA


Taking a pair of wins on Friday, the Ivor Burge Women’s juggernaut continued to roll ahead at full-steam as it brushed aside ACT and WA to advance to the semi-finals.

Sharing the workload, Kate Zonneveld (16 points, seven rebounds), Kaitlyn Papworth (14 points, nine rebounds) and Jessie McCulloch (13 points, nine rebounds) led an even roster-wide display in the 86-34 win over ACT to maintain its winning ways in the pool before dishing out a 100-22 win over WA last night. Reeling in double-doubles were Victoria’s front-court dynamos in Papworth (20 points, 12 rebounds, four blocks) and Zonneveld (16 points, 11 rebounds). Impressively still was the even-spread of scorers as the entire roster hit the stat-sheet with Montana Haag-Witheden (six points, eight rebounds), Jasmine Dellas (six points, seven rebounds, four assists) and Evie Patterson (five points, four rebounds) showcasing our great depth throughout the team. Our undefeated Ivor Burge Women will face NSW Metro today from 10am.

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UNDER-20 WOMEN Defining determination, the Victoria A Women managed to find a miraculous win and snatch the victory over Queensland in incredible fashion thanks to the clutch LT Poa. Taking

The post AUSChamps – Quarter Final Review appeared first on Basketball Victoria.

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