Fixtures and Results can be found here

Round 1 is available for all competitions.


Teams Grading: unfortunately we can not have 15-19 teams in D to F grades, teams have had to be moved up and down based on the whole league, with fewer entries of higher grade teams bigger groups of lower grades had to move up.


Teams may pay on game night at the front door with card, or online with Teammo. Those who chose to pay with Teammo are able to split the team sheet payment between those who played on the night. 

We have a special offer to give teams $30 off the team sheet fee for the first game they play in Round 1 or Round 2 if you have a bye. Teams with prepaid scoresheets from Winter 2021 will be carried over and applied from round 2, this will mean you don’t miss out on our discount offer.

Existing teams using Teammo will need to change their settings to the current season. Instructions on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

To sign up to teammo click here –

Player Registrations
All players, including the team organiser must register to every competition season they wish to participate in as a ‘Player’.

The BV Licence payment allows any participant to play as many times, in as many teams as they want, wherever they want across Victoria in a 365 day period for the one fee.

We strongly encourage people to register well before their game starts so they can easily be added to the tablets and not miss out on any game time. 

Click here for player registration links.

If your registration expires before the end of the season in April, you will be required to extend your registration.

Fill in players will need to register court-side on the scoring tablets – Casual Player Pass / Fill-in can play 2 games max. per year. Player must be fully registered by their 3rd game within a 12 month period.


Click here for the latest COVID requirements at MSAC.

MSAC venue requirements currently meet all BV – Green 50, return to play guidelines including spectators : 1 per participant.

Uniform Hire

At the moment uniform hire will be for clashes only, please ensure all players do not have pockets in their shorts.

Any teams waiting on new uniforms may borrow a set of singlets from us, we will require a $50 bond and the singlets returned in a clean condition.

Finals Qualification

A player must qualify for finals by taking the court, or receive a walkover, in a minimum of 5 games during the season for the team they are currently registered to and must be marked off on the scoresheet/tablet.

Note – Players registered as a ‘Fill in’ will not get games credited.