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Tournament Rules

All games will be conducted under FIBA rules.

  • Warm-up period: Minimum Two (2) minutes
  • Game time: Two(2) Eighteen(18) minute periods
  • One(1) Time out per team per half
  • 2 minute half time
  • Running clock
  • No Time outs in the last 2 minutes of each period or subs in the last 1 minute(unless  someone is fouled out).
  • Draws are Permitted


Players or team officials receiving a technical foul will be penalised in the normal manner with the added penalty of the player/team official being disqualified from the court for a period of Five (5) playing minutes. The scorer will record the time the penalty was imposed on the scoresheet/laptop and advise the team when the player/team official is able to return to the game. Any subsequent technical fouls for players or team officials will result in disqualification of the offending person/s.


  • Each team must supply their own warm up ball.
  • Male games a size 7 ball will be used
  • Female games a size 6 ball will be used.


  • No Finals will be played, the Tournament is designed for fun and to slowly get back into playing
  • Teams MUST CHECK the tournament website prior to their first game, and regularly during the tournament for alterations to draws, times, games, etc.
  • All venues used during this Tournament have NO swinging on rings or nets. Doing so imposes an immediate ban from the Tournament
  • The Tournament Organiser(s) reserves the right to combine A and B grades, or to cancel any division or grade if insufficient entries are received
  • Continuous Rough, overly Physical or Dangerous play may result in a team being removed from the Tournament
  • Remind people to take it easy outside and enjoy playing Basketball


  • No refunds will be given after the closing date of registrations, except in the following circumstances
    • MSD Spartans refunds registrations to teams when a competition doesn’t have enough teams
    • If games are cancelled due to weather: each game that wasn’t able to be played past half time will be refunded matches fees of $60 per game
    • Teams who received a walkover will be refunded a match fee of $60 per game