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Tournament Details

Spartans Basketball wants to help get people back playing Basketball this year with an Outdoor Round Robin Tournament.

With the affects of COVID and returning to Basketball at MSAC still being worked on, Spartans Basketball has been able to secure bookings at two outdoor venues in Metro Melbourne.

Outdoor Basketball isn’t common in Melbourne, so we want to emphasise this is a fun tournament designed to get people back into playing, not a win at all costs championship. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games, and no finals, just Basketball and fun.

Team Registration – $220

Click here to register

Note: All players must be registered with Basketball Victoria via PlayHQ before they play to ensure contract tracing and insurance requirements are met.

Closing date – Tuesday 8th December or earlier, we only have 40 spots!


  • Mens A, B, C, D & U/23s
  • Womens A, B & C
  • Warm-up period: Minimum Two (2) minutes
  • Game time: Two(2) Eighteen(18) minute periods
  • One(1) Time out per team per half
  • 2 minute half time
  • Running clock
  • No Time outs in the last 2 minutes of each period or subs in the last 1 minute(unless  someone is fouled out).
  • Draws are Permitted

The Hub at Docklands

Julier Reserve Port Melbourne