Congratulations to Vern Tessier, Ian Taylor, Sally Duncan and Peter Duncan for being recognised by Basketball Victoria for their years of service.

Vern Tessier, the current Powerhouse President and referee has been awarded 50 years of service.

Ian Taylor, who was Aviat Yellows long time team manager, who recently retired after playing for more than 50 years was also recognised.

Sally Duncan, former player for Powerhouse and Spartans  current treasurer has been awarded 25 years service.

Peter Duncan who was a player in Powerhouse on Tuesday nights has also been recognised for his 25 years of service.

All four have worked together for many years helping players with an intellectual impairments step onto the court to play at a local, national and international levels of Basketball, they have been coaches, administrators, referees and team managers.

The sport of Basketball, and our association is better for having people such as these help in the way they do.